The Secret to Elevating Your Company's Entrepreneurial Quotient...

Do you own or manage a business? Ironically, if your company becomes large, profitable and well established, its very success creates a new problem: It could easily lose the driving innovative energy that gave it a competitive edge. It happens all the time.


Dr. Mark Dillof, President Of Sherlock & Zen, LLC

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, Dr.Mark Dillof has discovered a certain type of mental focus that is conducive to entrepreneurial innovation and organizational renewal.

This mental focus involves a heightened perception of what isn't there. You read that right! It involves the perception of gaps, for that's where lucrative business opportunities are to be found. It also involves the perception of incongruities. Life's incongruities are the stuff of comedy and laughter, but when you know what you're looking for, they are also the source of wonderful possibilities!

You will discover these and other incredible secrets in Dr. Dillof's valuable White Paper. Indeed, in just a short read, you will learn to recognize the seven sources of entrepreneurial opportunity.

Furthermore, it will show you how to create and

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impliment a program designed for organizational renewal. Hot off the press, what you will learn can significantly elevate your company's entrepreneurial quotient, granting it a powerful competitive advantage!

P.S. Although originally targeted to larger corporations, involved with innovation management, we've been receiving a surprising number of requests for this white paper from small businesses, not-for-profits, and even from start-ups. This would suggest that the thought-provoking insights contained in this white paper have a universal applicability.

"No graphs? No pie charts? Just incisive analysis? This is a White Paper of another color! I like it!" - Sam Rutabaga, CEO, Rutabaga Industries